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Griswold Library At-a-Glance: Resources and Services

Griswold Library At-a-Glance

Collection: A large and diverse selection of print books, videos, and periodicals support all areas of study at Green Mountain College and can be searched through the library catalog. In addition, GMC community members have to access an extensive and varied collection of electronic books.

Databases: General and subject specific periodical databases provide electronic access to current and historical journals, newspapers, and magazines.

Periodicals: Access to thousands of electronic periodicals is available through the library's databases. Also, current print journals, magazines and newspapers are housed on the 1st floor of the library. 

Hours: Griswold Library is open 97 hours per week including weeknights until midnight and weekend days. During the final weeks of the semester, library hours the library is open 109 hours per week.

Research assistance: Library staff members are eager to help students with research needs. Research assistance is available in-person, by instant message (IM), text message, e-mail, and by telephone. Professional library staff assist students each evening of the week until our closing hour.

Research Instruction: Library staff work with Images of Nature and Voices of Community instructors to develop foundational research skills for 1st year students. Librarians also collaborate with instructors and offer specialized research instruction for classes across the curriculum. Assessment results of 1st year research instruction are available through this link.

Interlibrary loan: Books, videos, and articles not owned by Griswold Library may be obtained through interlibrary loan service.

A/V Equipment: Equipment, such as LCD projectors, video cameras, laptops, and more, may be borrowed for short-term use.

Teapot: Hot water and a selection of tea are always available. 

Special Collections: Griswold Library features a Welsh Heritage Collection and the College Archives. 

Computers: 4 computer labs are housed in Griswold library including a PC Lab, Graphics Lab, Mac Lab, and a 24 hour lab. In addition, there are electric and network plug-ins for laptop use. 

Departments located in Griswold Library: The Jose M. Calhoun Learning Center is on the 3rd floor, The Center for Quantitative Literacy is on the 2nd floor, and Computing and Technology Services is in the basement. 

Library Building: The building was designed by Crandell Associates 
Architects of Glens Falls, New York, and has been occupied since 1970.